Lyricist, pioneer, icon, veteran and entrepreneur could all be used to describe MC Lyte. One of the most prolific and well-respected female Hip Hop artists to ever bless the mic, MC Lyte has consistently found ways to reinvent herself musically, while expanding her resume and gaining new fans.  Reared in Brooklyn, New York, she always has her finger on Hip Hop’s pulse.   Many are familiar with her stellar music making skills, but over the course of her extensive career Lyte has ventured out to other avenues that have allowed her to show the world just how talented she truly is.




MC Lyte first appeared on the scene in 1988 with her debut album Lyte As A Rock.  At the tender age of 17 she began schooling other MCs in the art of rhyme, and since that time she has proven that greatness always prevails with a total of ten albums (9 plus a “GREATEST HITS”) to her credit.  A pioneer in the industry, she opened the door for future female Hip Hop artists by daring to do what had never been done while doing something she loved.  Lyte is the FIRST rap artist ever to perform at New York’s historic Carnegie Hall and the FIRST female rapper to ever receive a gold single.   MC LYTE’s inspiring 1993 classic anthem, “Ruffneck,” was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Single. In fact, she was the FIRST female solo rapper ever nominated for a Grammy!  Ten years later her 2003 album “Undaground Heat vol.1” hosted by Jamie Foxx, garnered this rap legend her second career Grammy nomination.  It was released on her own label SGI/CMM.  The single “Ride Wit Me” also received a BET Award nomination for Best Female Rap Performance.  In 2006, MC Lyte became the first solo female rapper to be honored/inducted on VH-1’s HIPHOP HONORS!  Lyte serves as a beautiful example that females can rock the mic just as good and oftentimes even better than a man!  Lyte’s lyrical skills have also been tapped into by Hollywood.  She co-wrote and performed the television theme songs for Fox’s “Dark Angel” and BET’s “Holla.”  


Her last music offering, Back to Lyte (2006), featuring the smash hit “Wonder Years,” (produced by DJ Premier) was an in your face display of Lyte’s ability to stay timely and in demand.  This can further be heard on her recent contribution to the remix of neo-soul songstress Jill Scott’s smash hit “Hate on Me.”   Fans will be pleased to know that Lyte recently returned to the studio to record album number eleven. Currently untitled, this one will deliver what she calls “a perfect blend of grown and sexy music for Hip Hop lovers.”  The first single, “Beautiful,” is currently receiving mad love nationwide and abroad from mix tape and underground outlets.  The album is scheduled for release in April of 2008. Lyte is still a much sought after concert act.  You can find her performing throughout the year.  She recently returned from a very successful nationwide tour with The Roots.




It’s only natural that a woman who has mastered the studio and the stage take her incredible presence to the world of television and film.  MC Lyte became a favorite on UPN’s primetime hit sitcom “Half & Half” as Kai, a hard but fair record company president.  She even served as a recurring celebrity judge on CBS’ “Star Search with Arsenio Hall.  Her other credits include Lana, a recurring character on the WB’s long running comedy For Your Love.   Lyte can also dish up the drama as evidenced in her roles on CBS’, “The District and FOX’s “Get Real series.  She also had appearances on UPN’s “Platinum and “In the House, Nickelodeon’s “Cousin Skeeter” and MTV’s “DNC.   In 2006, she joined the world of reality TV and served as mentor to Shar Jackson, the winner of the MTV reality series “Celebrity Rap Superstar.”


In the world of film, Lyte co-starred in Playa’s Ball, which tells the story of the NBA’s newest rookie whose life is turned upside by a paternity suit and rape charge.  Lyte shows what’s really going down in an all female prison in the Trimark/Lions Gate’s feature release, Civil Brand.  Other big screen roles include Extreme Pictures’ Train Ride, Cinergi Pictures’ Burn Hollywood Burn, Warner Brother’s Fly By Night and the independent features, Luv Tails and Short Handed.




With her signature style and recognizable voice it only makes sense that Lyte would be tapped for national voiceover campaigns. She just finished recording a campaign for telecommunications giant AT&T and she has also been the voice behind the VH1 HipHop Honors and national campaigns for Wherehouse Music, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Nike.  She assisted Mattel by lending her pipes to the overwhelmingly popular Mattel Diva Stars “Chat Doll”—Tia.  Lyte’s sultry sound can further be heard while she hosts her own weekend radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio.  She is also a featured guest of fellow Hip Hop veteran Kool Moe Dee’s Internet series “Spitfire.”




Whenever possible, Lyte enjoys traveling to colleges and universities across the nation to use her expertise and story of success to motivate young people to take ownership of the world around them, while striving to be the best they can possibly be.  A role model to women everywhere, Lyte never compromises who she is and consistently displays that a woman can turn heads fully clothed!  More of her words of wisdom can be found in her first literary offering. Her self-published book Just My Take, words of poetry & inspiration for today’s Hip Hop generation can be purchased on her web site  Lyte is also very active in many social projects, involving herself in anti-violence campaigns, Rock the Vote, and contributing her time and expertise to several non-profit organizations. She is also a proud member of the national sorority Sigma Gamma Rho, Inc. Lyte is an intelligent woman with business savvy who has learned to make her money work for her with several successful entrepreneurial endeavors.  Her most recent undertaking is her own line of home décor fashions, “The Lana Moorer Collection” by MC LYTE.  Coming soon to a store near you.




This incredibly talented woman has been in the game almost a decade and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  Many artists have come and gone but MC Lyte still remains shining brighter than ever!!! 


4 Responses to “MC LYTE”
  1. art@1716 says:

    Have always appreciated you as an mc. every since i first heard back in mid eighties and we were b/dancin to the beat to lyte as a rock. that intro was hip hop heaven. then i heard your voice, and i was a fan and i must admit i have always had a crush on your determined, strong yet feminine brown eyes and feminine b/girl face. i have followed your career and love your poetry/lyrics. i heard your stuff with teena marie and loved it, even though i don’t appreciate the gangsta influence i understand. no i tolerate it. hip hop as you know is spiritual social science where word light/consciousness and sound come together to create out of imagination and creativity the future in the present. to simply say it make something special out what appeared to be nothing. I wish you had more airplay, especially your more mature material. have you considered alternative routes. underground, movie soundtracks. make a way!! we need lyte in the darkness. hip hop needs feminine to counter the masculine. power needs love or else power is unbalanced and begins to corrupt. we see that now with the lack of mature female influence in the industry. you expertise and artistry is needed. May the lord bless you. don’t stop, if worse comes to worse create an alternative group, sell them to the public with your work and come back off their success with an updated sound, and rename yourself producer for clout. aka p diddy!! love you. one of your millions of loyal fans who still know the truth when they hear it.

  2. art@1716 says:

    o saw you on the motorcyle. your husband is a lucky man. yo r gorgeos. with style. love them curves. way to go.

  3. Nichelle Robinson says:

    Continue to be an inspiration to many generations your name is truly the truth : Lyte to many people past present and future I am in my 40’s now and remember summer time school yard jams when you would spit fire and the reaction of the crowd was “ahh snap as they covered their mouth” So proud to be a part of an era where words were more important that beats behind – every word you spoke then and til this days has been truth and for the I stand and show you my appreciation for the art of words youve shared over years.

    Thank you from the core of my heart.


  4. Truly an inspiration. Keep being the motivation to many


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