Get Lyte

Two years ago I received a call from my good friend Chuck D making me aware of a new craze that had recently hit Harlem. He sent me to youtube to see a video where these young amazing kids from uptown had created a new dance called the “Get Lyte”.  Chuck was clear that he thought I should quickly get into the studio and create a piece of music and so I did.

I recorded GET LYTE with the help of a producer named BLACK out of Harlem. My cousin Charles grew up with Black and gave me his contact info.  Just so happens Black’s mom is one of the lead singers in the Disco/R&B group Chic, that brought us GOOD TIMES.

Anyhow all this time later I’m combing through youtube and find this dance troop getting busy to the song that merely started as a convo With Chuck D the leader of Public Enemy.  I love it how a whole lot of something can be created from nothing.

The song is also available at


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