Me and My Ride

Ok, so since I was 14 I knew I wouldn’t have a problem getting my own ride.  I used to fantasize about the car that I would eventually gloat in.  My first car was a blue Volvo that only worked on the weekends, rightfully so you get what you pay for and I spent an entire 800 dollars for it…lol. My next car was a burgandy Jetta that most MC Lyte fans are totally familiar with because it was pretty much the co-star in my video “Paperthin”.  Even to this day people talk about that car and how it inspired them to go out and get one of their very own, too bad VW finds no need to market to people of color and had I known that back then I certainly wouldn’t have done such a huge free campaign for them.

Can you say "FLY"?



Anyhow I’ve been asked several times by magazines to shoot my home or my car and always I decline for fear of my fans feeling that’s all life is about and I never want to be caught putting emphasis on the wrong things to be focused on….HOWEVER…the fine things in life aren’t free but damn sure worth working hard for. One of the reasons to work hard is so you can PLAY hard, live LIGHT and ROLL like a VIP, because you are!!!  Here’s some of my favs.

One Response to “Me and My Ride”
  1. djkrock7 says:

    Hi, Mc Lyte. I wasn’t sure where to comment so, here I am. I just wanted to say that I love your music and I’m only 15. I want you to know that you inspire me to wake up every day and challenge myself to do better. ( I would love to meat you)-inner thought wanted me to tell you that, but I don’t think that would happen. I know your a busy person, so I will not be selfish. I just would like to say thanks for inspiring me to do what I love to do.

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