Video shoot at Wingate in BK

Video shoot at Wingate in BK

Just like clockwork I arrive on time to bust the mic up once again with a new joint called Brooklyn. In this song I rock over a reggae charged rhythm.  Painting an extremely vivid picture of what it means to be raised in the heart of Brooklyn where the West Indian culture is deeply embedded in everyday living.

I grew up in the 90’s near Rutland Road and Winthrop.  My train was the #3 and my stop was Newlots.  PS 219 was the public school I attended and soon after I was in JHS at Arthur S. Somers on Kings Highway.  I went to George W. Wingate for the last three years of my schooling and during that period I held an after school job at Kings Plaza in a lil Mexican spot called Chi Chi’s.  I ate White Castles on Empire Blvd. and went to the movies at the Kenmore Theaters on Church Ave, somebody say amen. All the while with a dream of rocking the mic. 

My boy Eric that I went to JHS with saved me and invited me to a recording session that would change my life forever.  And here I still stand undefeated…yes!!  The business, neither he nor she can break me.  I am a survivor!!!

The song Brooklyn, from the upcoming CD,  much like Ruffneck (a theme song released in 93) pays homage and respect to the borough that pushed me, taught me, challenged me,  but most of all the hometown that loved me.


This past Friday we set out on a mission to capture the visual for BROOKLYN in BK.  Sha, Swiss and a couple of cool cats made it all happen with 2 HD cameras and a boombox.  Talk about guerrilla style video shoot!!  We stole shots from Juniors to Utica Ave and everywhere in between.  I guess it wasn’t stealing seeing that I am a Brooklynite and all of those places were my stompin’ grounds and if anyone had the right to shoot there… was me).


School kids and adults alike stopped to talk with me and were amazed that it was me walking down the street where Alb Square Mall used to be.  I walked slowly through the crowds of people in my Adidas warm up jacket that adorned the word KINGSTON on the back. I took pics with everyone that asked and even had the opportunity to spread some love and inspirational words along the way. At the last location we stopped for beef patties and coa coa bread while my manager Big Fred decided to have ox tails (he’s a trooper) lol.  For me…..Curry goat? YES……but ox tails?  I’ma have to pass on that one and leave that to the real ballers….Afterall I am a f-a-k-i-n’ Jamaican ,lol.

Brooklyn available for purchase at itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and Napster.

Be sure to sample a listen first seeing I have 2 other songs that don the title Brooklyn )

  1. ILLUS says:

    Can’t wait to see this video. I miss living in BK and going to Juniors. And I couldn’t believe when I found out the ALB wasn’t there anymore. And Beat St. BK just isn’t the same. If you need any album art or design for your projects hit me up!

  2. Yes Brooklyn is in editing stage, yall stay tuned!!!

  3. thingsicareabout says:

    I look forward to seeing the video..
    In my Lyrical-Dreams I’d want to hear you and Canibus do something.

  4. pops says:

    word. still the best wet dream.

  5. The song is definitely hot. I can’t wait to see the video! I’ll be moving to NYC in December and Brooklyn is definitely #1 on my list! 😉

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