New York, NY (November 1, 2008) – In the hip hop community, J.Period’s “Best Of” remix projects have become the stuff of legend. Hip hop and R&B heavyweights such as Kanye West, The Roots, Mary J., Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys are not only collaborators in J.Period mixes—they are huge fans. Now, J.Period is pleased to announce the latest in his award-winning remix series, a collaboration with one of hip hop’s most creative and influential artists of all-time: Q-Tip.

This landmark collaboration signals a real revival of the hip hop spirit, in keeping with the theme of Q-Tip’s new album, The Renaissance (“rebirth”), scheduled for release on Election Day, Nov 4. With the historical significance of this day in plain sight, J.Period & Q-Tip will release of an exclusive freestyle entitled “Q-Tip for President”—a reaffirmation of the best in hip hop, and a throwback to the elements that once made hip hop a powerful vehicle for social and political expression. The track, which revives Rakim’s classic of a similar name, will be available on Election Day as a free download on http://www.jperiod.com and across the internet.

To continue to help raise awareness for Q-Tip’s new album, J.Period has enlisted an all-star cast of Native Tongue contributors, including Questlove, Talib Kweli, Busta Rhymes, De La Soul, Consequence and Black Thought to record exclusive material for the forthcoming “Best Of” tribute mix. Encompassing nearly 20 years of catalog, J.Period’s “Best of Q-Tip” seeks to remind fans of the depth of Q-Tip’s influence and contributions to hip hop, as well as to introduce his music to a new generation of hip hop fans around the globe. The complete mix is scheduled for release in early December, and will also be available as a free download on http://www.jperiod.com, with Limited Edition cover artwork by Fuse Green (www.wheatbreadlife.com).

From his seminal work with A Tribe Called Quest—redefining the landscape of 90s hip hop—to countless collaborations with musical royalty over the years, Q-Tip has built a long-standing career as an emcee, producer, DJ, actor, and true hip hop icon. His immense talent and creativity have connected him with legendary artists across all walks of life, and his musical influence is felt across the spectrum of today’s hip hop superstars, from Kanye West to Common to Andre 3000.

For his part, J.Period has also built a career out of breaking new ground—redefining the mixtape game, working directly with the artists he pays tribute to, and making the jump from remixes to scoring major movie trailers. A hip hop purist at heart, J.Period has made legions of fans among Industry elite and, in the process, become one of the most well-respected DJs in the game. His latest venture, producing the complete soundtrack for the latest Tony Hawk Nintendo game, is scheduled for release November 18 by Activision.


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