How beautiful!!!  Don’t get me telling stories….it was cold!!  I needed a scarf, hat and gloves but even with all of that I still had one of the best times of my life.  I walked the streets until 2 am some mornings just to get a look at the architecture.  I loved it!

I would advise anyone who can, travel.  Get out and see the world because there’s a lot of it and plenty of places where we are loved and welcomed.  The culture, food and clothing seem to be a quite an attraction for tourists that journey from all over the globe to lay eyes on the exquisite Eiffel Tower.  

Interesting info

1936  George Mandel, the Posts, Telegraph and Telephone Minister, orders a television be placed at the top of the tower

1966 The Tower welcomed 2,405,554 visitors

1996 An entire refurbishing of the first floor

2006 The Tower welcomed 4,103,987



Down in Trelawny, Jamaica is where I snapped this shot.  This is just a mere glimpse of what the sunset proposed once setting.  I believe everyone has their favorite time of the day.  The time where things seem most happiest and free.  A few hours of the day that make you feel at ease and completely stress free.  For me that time starts at 5 and goes until the sun is just about gone out of the sky.  

The 5pm hour brings me joy simply because of the memories it brings back.  It reminds me of school, homework, Scooby doo (playing on the tv), kids playing in the street, stickball, it, bike-riding and everything wholesome.  6pm on a Friday reminds me of french fries and 4 chicken wings, an over crowded corner video store and sitting on the stoop (yes a “stoop” it’s a NY thing).  

No way of getting around it, it reminds me of BROOKLYN and I can’t help but think one day I’ll return with having accomplished all that I set out to do here in Los Angeles.  My everyday is in Hollywood, my heart is in Brooklyn.

3 Responses to “PARIS IN WINTER”
  1. Lyte Headed says:

    Wonderful places to kiss and melt into the one you love.

  2. Artavie says:

    These are really beautiful pics. The way you word your thoughts remind me of how much of a person you are not just a icon or super star. And I do know what a stoop is… back in the day late 70’s early 90’s we lived on Utica ave and attended P.S. 335. We didn’t have much but I think that was one of the funnest (if u will) times in my life. And Friday nite skating in the caferteria OMG!

  3. Lady Di says:

    It’s funny to read this because I was speaking to Shaggy’s, the Reggae Artist, Personal Tour manager’s and teasing him about all the pics he’s in throughout the globe. Sadly, there’s few of Shaggy with architecture but more of him with foreign dignitaries instead. He never gets to do that type of touring as a tourist thing as it’s all business it seems. I used to think this was all people who tour as a part of their careers. Glad to see you enjoyed the architecture while enjoying your career!!

    Added note, I’ve used my passport trying to chase Shaggy down. Hopefully I’ll get to use it more one day for me – ONLY!

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